Vlatka Lemić


 Croatian State Archives

Archives and cooperation in digital age: building common cultural landscape

Majority of existing programs, activities and initiatives in archival community are focused on challenges facing archives as a result of the ongoing changes in society, economy and technology. Implementation and possibilities of digital technologies put emphasis of common characteristics and similar problems of traditionally different heritage institutions, so nowadays libraries, archives, museums, documentation centers and similar institutions link more and more in the creation of common cultural landscape directed towards user and community within they operate, instead on institutions themselves and their specifics. Globalization of contemporary information environment and international trends of involving of culture in all spheres of public life, resulted in various projects and strategies dedicated to accessibility of holdings of  heritage institutions, in digital form. In that sense, archives are dedicated to cooperation across borders, linking with various cultural and scientific institutions, presenting to the community, making archival records accessible to everybody, exchanging professional knowledge and creating new innovative practices and ideas. This lecture will give overview of the contemporary trends and initiatives of cross-institutional cooperation across , regarding its legal, institutional and professional context, and present the most significant archival projects.

Vlatka Lemić was born on 27th, February 1972 in Zagreb. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of University in Zagreb, archeology, museology and archivistics, and she got PhD on postgraduate studies of information sciences – course of archivistics in 2013.

She has been employed in Croatian State Archives since the very beginning of 1998. She worked in Documentation-Information Center and the reading room, she was the Head of the Department for Evidence and Documentation, she guided conduction of central and parent evidence of archive service in Croatia and archive evidence in CSA, she was the Chief of the Department for Protection and Catalogisation of Archive Materials and the Department for Information and Communication, as well as Assistant of Director for Archive Information Systems and International Cooperation. Between 2006 and 2013 she conducted the project of informatisation of national archive service and professional team of CSA for the development and implementation of national archive information systems, she got rank of archive adviser in 2010, and she has been Director of CSA since February 2013 until 2016.

During her former work in archivistic field she took part and delivered lectures on numerable domestic and international expert and scientific conferences. She also published her works in both domestic and international publications. She takes an active part in several scientific and international archive projects. Since 2003 she has been teaching on undergraduate studies of archivistics on the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb as external collaborator and conducts the expert practice of archivistics students. She was the member of CALIMERA working group for Croatia and Technical Board 46 Librarianship, documentation and information of the State Institute for Standardisation and Measurement, and since 2009 she has been Vice President of the international consortium ICARUS.